What is Storybox?

“STORYBOX is a clean energy digital cube, designed for inclusive media and storytelling in public spaces. Partnering with different organisations to activate public spaces, and to connect audiences with stories, insights and creative talent worth sharing.”

​My poem that was published on the Storybox site recently was inspired by my late brother, Donny, who was a bit of a ‘live wire’.


Its key features are a 2 metre squared digital cube; high resolution LED panels for outdoor viewing; solar roof panels; secure and vandal resistant; graffiti resistant; speakers for event based audio;


Pictures courtesy of STORYBOX

STORYBOX Sydney_.jpg


Storybox is passionate about local storytelling and creative placemaking. 

They connect with community and creative leaders to surface stories worth sharing.  We also offer modest commissions to enable local artists, film makers and storytellers exhibit & promote their work outdoors. We aim to grow the value of these commissions over time. 

They re-invest income from asset rental to support local content makers and cultural facilitators. 


Not long after this photo was taken, Donny survived a bad fall from this beloved pony, and only just survived