Author: Anne Skyvington

  • An Amazing Story About Stuttering

    An Amazing Story About Stuttering

    Did you know that Australia is a world leader in Stuttering research and treatments? See: The Australian Stuttering Research Centre. But first, let me tell you a story. Many years ago, when I was little, there were always one or two children in school who couldn’t get their words out. They sounded ‘bumpy’ when they…

  • From the Archives: Australian Story

    From the Archives: Australian Story

    I first saw the following video on a Facebook group that I belong to: Armidale Teachers College: The Class of 1961-1962 This was the year, 1963, that I started teaching primary school children in Granville, Western Sydney. The girls I taught were aged 8 and 9 and in 3rd and 4th classes. Some of my…

  • Have You Ever Experienced The “Numen”?

    Have You Ever Experienced The “Numen”?

    The reason people choose atheism rather than belief or agnosticism, may simply be that professed atheists have not experienced, at least in this lifetime, the “numen” (adj. “numinous”). See meaning below. Numinous ( /ˈnjuːmɪnəs/) is a concept derived from the Latin “numen” meaning “arousing spiritual or religious emotion; mysterious or awe-inspiring”. numinosum, numinous, numinosity (Wikipedia)…

  • I visit the Ukraine in 1968

    I visit the Ukraine in 1968

    My Travel Journal Continues: “From Paris to Russia and Back” Because of the events in Ukraine today, I have re-published this post with sadness in my heart at the thought of these memorable days. May the sufferings of the Ukrainian people come to an end soon, and the Russian troops ordered into the country by…

  • In Search of a Voice

    In Search of a Voice

    My writing started out as therapy for a polarised — to be explained later on — childhood. My own background had been stamped indelibly by my not having had a voice within the extended family I was born into. Others in my family had gorged themselves on yackety-yak, thereby filling the void left by my…

  • Armidale: The Gang of Four

    Armidale: The Gang of Four

    This is a guest post by Gordon Forth, a fellow student at Armidale Teachers College, who started there in 1962, a year after me. Gordon writes: Please find attached my somewhat scurrilous account of my time at ATC. I really had a lovely time at College, but was immature, a rather lazy student, who just…

  • KARRANA: A Professional Review

    KARRANA: A Professional Review

    From Amazon’s Online Book Club I’d received lots of reviews from family and friends of my debut novel, Karrana. But I never quite believed the veracity of these reviews, being from close contacts. So I submitted the book before the eyes of a reviewer on The Online Book Club. Most professional reviewers charge $300 or…

  • A Famous Couple

    A Famous Couple

    Carl and Emma: A Love Story Dearest, I was telling our grandson, Andreas, just the other day, how he possesses the feeling function more strongly than I. He had just espied, while on our walk, a darling dead chaffinch on the ground, and was kneeling over its poor lifeless body. The words, Nothing truly dies…

  • A First Day in Paris

    A First Day in Paris

    This is a short story expressing contrasts between two cultures and the beauty and awe associated with the new one.

  • The Golden Ratio and How it Works in Nature

    The Golden Ratio and How it Works in Nature

    Just look around you…on the ground and in trees, in the sky… The Fibonacci Sequence is everywhere! In Plants In Pine cones the spiral pattern of the seed pods tend to develop in steps, upward and in opposite directions, numerically matching the Fibonacci sequence. Sunflower seeds also follow this pattern, radiating outwards from the center…